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Discover and study the ancient practices of internal martial arts, such as Gong Fu, Ba Gua, Qi Gong and Taiji, from the Wudang Mountains through our online video courses.

Everything starts with ONE simple STEP.

What is Gong Fu?
Gong Fu Wu Bian - Gong Fu is limitless

Gong Fu also known as Kung Fu is a way to self-awareness and can be translated into hard work over a period of time.

Two mistakes lie along the path: Not starting and not persevering to the end. Initiate your personal training with guided online instructions and gradually progress towards discovering your true potential.

Discover Your True Self

ONE teaching, ONE school, ONE lesson ...
should serve the ONE, that brings you closer to your SELF.

Unleash the chains - the 5 dragons - that hold you back

Everything starts with an inner wish
The wish to become free, to confront your self, to fight your fears and desires, find stability, safety and balance in life, strength and peace within your body and the mind.

Nourish Your Self

During our lifetime, we spend the most time nourishing our body. We give the most importance and attention to our body, which is the smallest part of us. Imagine your body as a car, and YOU are the driver. While you consistently maintain your car, you often neglect the driver – yourself. This training will equally nourish your body, mind, and soul.
Take some time for yourself.


mast body through gong fu


Overcome your body through physical Gong Fu training. Develop and master endurance, willpower, and overcome limitations.

mindfull through qi gong and taiji


Overcome your mind through Qi Gong and meditation practice. Become the observer of your thoughts and get to know the one you have become and step by step, you start to see the ONE you're really meant to be.

heal emotions through qi gong


Overcome your emotions through Qi Gong and 5 Animals training. The five elements of this world are also within you. As on the inside, so on the outside. Bringing your outer movements into harmony will also bring your inner elements into harmony.


We intend to pass on these ancient and preacous teachings to everyone who is seeks them. This teachings is for everyone, but not everyone is meant for it. These teachings carry thousands of years of tradition. Our objective is to pass on the flame, not the ashes, as some old traditions may no longer be suitable for modern times and have become lifeless like ashes. We strive to pass on the fire, as fire symbolizes life. In times of darkness, a guiding light is necessary – you need someone who knows the path. The teacher is here for you, extending a hand to guide you. However, he can only illuminate the way. It's up to you to take his hand, and you are the one to WALK THE PATH!

Until the day comes, you'll find your inner guide.

The Training

Your training will be guided through three levels of difficulty. We will teach you the most fundamental basics in a easy step by step program. This is no consumption or fast food approach. Instead, we provide you with a well-founded education in the martial arts of Wudang Gong Fu.


A tree cannot grow tall and reach its full potential without deep and well-founded roots, as they provide the essential strength and stability that allow it to stand firm against all winds.

  1. Month 1 to 12 - Foundation
  2. First 3 months: Access to Gong Fu Basics and Qi Gong courses only
  3. Full access to all Foundation courses after the first 3 months
  4. Upload your training progress video to Youtube and get feedback and tips on your training from us

Months 1 - 3

We have designed a program consisting of important key exercises to lay the foundation of what we teach here in the most effective way. You will be guided by a weekly training schedule. However, you can start anytime and continue at your own pace. There is no need to rush.

Months 4 - 12

During this period, you’ll gain entry to all the other foundation courses, allowing you to explore one or more specific styles. We suggest starting with one style that resonates with you the most and progressing from there.


A phase of growth and specialization, where you'll learn more complex movements and your first forms.

  1. Months 13 to 24 - Intermediate
  2. Upon reaching the 13th month of membership, you will be automatically granted access to the Gong Fu Basics - Intermediate course.
  3. Based on your progress video, we will provide you with access to the Intermediate Levels of the styles you've been practicing.

Month 13

You can send us a progress video showcasing the style you've been practicing. We will offer feedback and corrections, unlocking the next level for your chosen styles. However, if you also want to unlock other courses, you will need to demonstrate a solid foundation in them first.

Month 13 - 15

Regardless of the style you've selected, we recommend dedicating time to practice Gong Fu Basics - Intermediate. This practice will elevate your foundation to the next level.

Month 16 - 24

Throughout this phase, your focus will be on both Gong Fu Basics and your specific styles.


Let us sing a song together

  1. Month 25 to 36 - Advanced
  2. Upon reaching the 25th month of membership, you will be automatically granted access to the Gong Fu Basics - Advanced course
  3. Based on your progress video we will provide you with access to the Advanced-Levels of the styles you've been practicing

Month 25

You can send us a progress video showcasing your progress. Based on that video we will provide you with access to the Advanced-Levels of the styles you've been practicing.

Month 25 - 36

The process remains the same as in the Intermediate Level. We recommend commencing with Gong Fu Basics - Advanced, followed by deepening your understanding of your specific styles.

Beyond heaven there is another heaven!

The training doesn't stop here; it continues for as long as you wish to walk with us. You will always be deepening your knowledge, explore different methods and refining yourself on the way.

„The more you know yourself, the more clarity there is. Self-knowledge has no end - you don’t come to an achievement, you don’t come to a conclusion. It’s an endless river“

Notes On The Training Phases

We have established a time frame of one year for each level. However, this timeframe is not fixed, as we value flexibility in our teaching.

In other words, if we observe that you are making progress and are prepared for the next level, we will grant you early access to it. This way, your progression will be tailored to your individual pace, allowing you to advance based on your own speed.

The Styles

Our objective is to teach you how to observe and correct yourself. You will learn principles that you can use for life. These principles will be your tools, helping you find your way.

Taiji Quan

An art of smooth and harmonious movements, flowing and yielding like water. Movement in stillness, stillness in motion. Yin and Yang are in harmony.

Bagua Zhang

Hand of the 8 Trigrams the art of walking in circles. The essential feature of the Bagua is the agile step work by running in circles and developing spiral-strength within the movements.

Xing Yi Quan

Fist of Form and Mind, originally derived from spear techniques, Xing Yi is a very straightforward and explosive forward-pointing style and is therefore traditionally learned as a complement to Bagua Zhang.

Tai Yi Zhang

In Tai Yi, also called "Liang Yi" (two poles), the Yin and Yang aspects are separated within the expression of the movement. Slow, soft movements flow into dynamic, explosive punches, kicks and stabs.

Xuan Wu Gun

The stick blows in the wind, so light, so delicate, but when it strikes, it is destructive, like the mountain-shifting, shattering waves of the ocean.

Wudang Sword

Wudang is famous for its swordsmanship. The sword is double-edged... like the human mind... it can be used to destroy or to heal/help. Practicing with the sword means sharpening the mind.

Nei Gong

Inner work includes all meditation, qigong, and practices of self-cultivation. The bottom line is: there is no inner or outer work. Training the body is training the mind, training the mind is training the body is...

Upload Your Progress Video

In the initial stages of this training, it can be challenging to correct yourself, especially in online learning where there is no external teacher observing, correcting, and guiding you. But you are not alone!

You can send us a progress video of your training every now and then when you feel like it. However, be aware that progress takes time, and sending a video every week would be not very efficient.
  1. After the first 3 months, we would be happy to see a video of your Gong Fu Basics - Foundation, but it is not mandatory.
  1. After 12 months, it is time for you to send a video of the style you have mainly been practicing. If you have been practicing multiple styles, you can send us one video for each style. Based on those videos, we will grant you access to the Intermediate Level of those styles.
  1. The same process will apply after 24 months to step up to the Advanced level.
In between, you are always welcome to let us know about your progress. We will always help and support you on your journey.


We are constantly working on our content, and it will grow over time.

Online Live Lessons

When the time is right, we will offer Zoom classes on a regular basis for all members.

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